Torquil MACLEOD (III of Lewes)

Father: Roderick Ruaidhri Mor MACLEOD
Mother: Margaret MACDONALD

Family 1: Catharine CAMPBELL
  1. Roderick Ruaidhri MACLEOD
  2. Norman Tormod_Mor MACLEOD
  3. Margaret MACLEOD

                                                                                    _Tormod [Norman] MACLEOD ______
                                                        _Murdoch Murchadh MACLEOD _|_Fingula [or_Flora] MACCROTAN _
                                  _Torquil Og MACLEOD _|
                                 |                     |                            _______________________________
                                 |                     |_[Daughter] NICOLSON ______|_______________________________
 _Roderick Ruaidhri Mor MACLEOD _|
|                                |                                                  _______________________________
|                                |                      ___________________________|_______________________________
|                                |_Margaret NICOLSON __|
|                                                      |                            _______________________________
|                                                      |___________________________|_______________________________
|--Torquil MACLEOD 
|                                                                                   _______________________________
|                                                       ___________________________|_______________________________
|                                 _Alastair MACDONALD _|
|                                |                     |                            _______________________________
|                                |                     |___________________________|_______________________________
|_Margaret MACDONALD ____________|
                                 |                                                  _______________________________
                                 |                      ___________________________|_______________________________
                                                       |                            _______________________________



!SOURCE: William Matheson, "The MacLeods of Lewis," TRANSACTIONS OF THE GAELIC SOCIETY OF INVERNESS, Vol. LI (1978-1980), Inverness, Scotland, 1981, pp. 320-337 (328). Torquil (Torcall). According to the Bannatyne MS, he led his forces to Skye to support his cousin of Dunvegan, sorely pressed by the MacDonalds, whom he defeated in a great battle at Feorlig. We read in the same source that he was in command of all the MacLeods at the battle of Inverlochy in 1431, the Skye and Harris contingent being led by Allan MacAskill. He had a charter of his lands, presumably in Lewis, from Alexander, Lord of the Isles, dated at Finlaggan in Islay, 7th January 1432. It would appear that he was knighted, for in a notarial instrument, dated 9th June 1456, he is styled ³Sir Torkell McLoyd of Leows². He is found as a witness to charters in 1437, 1438 and 1447. His last appearance as such would seem to be on 10th October 1461, when he witnesses a charter by John, Lord of the Isles, dated at Ardtornish.

!SOURCE: Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, Baronet, THE BARONAGE OF SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1798, p. 384. "VI. Torquil MacLeod of Lewes, who made a great figure in the reigns of king James II and III. "He was appointed heretable bailie of Troterness, and married lady Catharine Campbell, daughter of Colin first earl of Argyle, etc. all which is confirmed by a charter under the great seal, 'Torquil Macleod de Lewes, de officio balivatus omnium terrarum regis in Troterness, jacen. infra insulam de Skye, in forisfacturam Johannis, olim domini infularum, tenend. dicto torquilo et haeredibus fuis inter ipsum et Catharinam Campbell, sororem Archibaldi comitis de Argyle, legitime procreand. quibus deficientibus, regi et haeredibus suis revertend. datum apud novum castrum de Kilkerran in Kintyre, 28vo Junii 1498.; "He died soon thereafter in an advanced age, and by the said lady Catharine Campbell left a son."

!SOURCE: Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS: THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section IV, Revised Edition, Edinburgh, The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies, 1990, p. 3. The Bannatyne MS is the authority for this chief's presence at the battle of Feorlig in Skye whre he fought in support of his minor cousin, John of Dunvgan, against the intrusive Macdonalds. The date is uncertain, but must be placed after the death of William Cleireach, John's father, in the early 1400s. The same source tells us that he also fought at Inverlochy in 1431 when Donald Balloch, a cousin of the Lord of the Isles, surprised and routed the royal forces under the Earls of Caithness and Mar. [R. C. MacLeod (1927) pp. 62, 65] More precisely, Alexander, Lord of the Isles, granted him a charter for his lands in Lewis at Finlaggan in Islay on 7th January 1432/3. [Cromartie MS, p. 511.] In a notarial instrument dated 9th June 1456 he is called "Sir Torkell McLoyd of Leows" and is therefore the first known Macleod of either branch to receive the honour of knighthood. [H. Paton (1903) no. 3.] He was a witness to charters in 1437, 1438, 1447 and on 10th October 1461 (a charter granted by John, Lord of the Isles, at Ardtornish. [Hutton Collections, vol. XI, pt. i, No. 12; Argyll Charters; R. W. Munro (1961) p. 107n.; C. Fraser-Mackintosh (1875) p. 109; the Clan Donald (I) pp. 531, 535; H. Paton (1903) no. 3.]

!BIRTH: BURKE'S LANDED GENTRY, Eighteenth Edition, Vol. II, London, Burke's Peerage Limited, 1969, pp. 416-417. Witnessed a charter, 1461.

!BIOGRAPHY: John Burke, Esq., HISTORY OF THE COMMONERS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, Vol. IV, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977, pp. 584-592. Torquil, sixth Baron of Lewis, who died in the reign of James II, leaving a son and successor, Roderick.

!SOURCE: Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS: THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section IV, "The MacLeods of Lewis", Edinburgh, Associated Clan MacLeod Societies, 1974, p. 3. According to Sir George MacKenzie, "to Rory succeedit Torkell, in whose tyme the Lords of the Illes wer of such power and had rooted themselves to in northern superiorities that none of ther neighbours could obteine peace or saifty without acknowleidging them as ther Lords ... and amongst others, this Torkell McLeod did cast himselfe under patrociny to the Lord of the Illes and to insure it, resigned his lands in the King's hands in favours of the Lords of the Illes, and thereupon the Earl disposed all the lands againe to the said Torkell to be holdin of him for homadge and service. This Charter is given by Alexander Illa, the 7th February 1432". According to Gregory, the House of Islay claimed superiority over Lewis, nearly a cnetury before. It is obvious that only overwhelming force could hope to keep the feudal Lordship together. Despite the fact that Torquil was a vassal of Alexander, Lord of the Isles, we are told that "he made a great figure" in the reign of James II. He was married, with issue, at least, two sons.

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