Torquil MACLEOD (V of Lewis)

Father: Roderick Ruaidhri MACLEOD
Mother: Agnes MACKENZIE

Family 1: Lady_Catherine CAMPBELL
Family 2: [Daughter] MACDONALD
  1. John MacTorquil MACLEOD

                                                                                        _Torquil Og MACLEOD _
                                                       _Roderick Ruaidhri Mor MACLEOD _|_Margaret NICOLSON __
                              _Torquil MACLEOD _______|
                             |                        |                                 _Alastair MACDONALD _
                             |                        |_Margaret MACDONALD ____________|_____________________
 _Roderick Ruaidhri MACLEOD _|
|                            |                                                          _____________________
|                            |                         ________________________________|_____________________
|                            |_Catharine CAMPBELL ____|
|                                                     |                                 _____________________
|                                                     |________________________________|_____________________
|--Torquil MACLEOD 
|                                                                                       _Murdoch MACKENZIE __
|                                                      _Alexander MACKENZIE ___________|_Fynvola MACLEOD ____
|                             _Sir Kenneth MACKENZIE _|
|                            |                        |                                 _Colin CAMPBELL _____
|                            |                        |_Lady Agnes CAMPBELL ___________|_____________________
|_Agnes MACKENZIE ___________|
                             |                                                          _____________________
                             |                         _Hugh __________________________|_____________________
                             |_Agnes LOVAT ___________|
                                                      |                                 _____________________



!SOURCE: William Matheson, "The MacLeods of Lewis," TRANSACTIONS OF THE GAELIC SOCIETY OF INVERNESS, Vol. LI (1978-1980), Inverness, Scotland, 1981, pp. 320-337 (330). Torquil (Torcall). He was the recipient of the charter, already mentioned, which was from James IV, dated at the castle of Kilkerran in Kintyre, 28th June 1498. This brings us to the point at which we began the present enquiry, the object of which was to trace Torquilıs lineage back to the eponymous ancestor of the MacLeods. It is not intended to follow the subsequent history of the family in detail, as there is little to add to what has already been written on the subject. Torquil was forfeited in 1505/6 for his part in the rebellion of Domhnall Dubh, claimant to the Lordship of the Isles, and, after defeat of the clan in battle, he disappears from the scene. However, his brother Malcolm had a charter of Lewis and Waternish in 1511. After his death there was an interregnum during which Torquilıs son John took possession of the estate without legal title. He was succeeded by Malcolmıs son Roderick, whose title was established by grants from the Crown in 1538 and 1541. The quarrels of Roderickıs sons, legitimate and otherwise, with one another and with their father, contributed in no small measure to the ruin of the family; and not only its ruin, but its utter extinction. Strange as it may seem, since the seventeenth century, no one has claimed tob e descended from any of Roderickıs numerous brood, so far as known; And the representation of the family devolved upon his brother Malcolmıs descendants, the MacLeods of Raasay.

!BIOGRAPHY: Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, Baronet, THE BARONAGE OF SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1798, p. 384. "IX. Torquil MacLeod of Lewes, who got a charter under the great seal, 'Torquilo Macleod filio et haeredi Roderici Macleod de Lewes, et haeredibus masculis de corpore sus legitime procreat, seu procreand, quibus deficien. Gillicalmo lie Gillicallum Garve Macleod de Rasay, haeredibus suis, etc. terrarum baronieae de Assynt, etc. infra vicecomitat, de Ross, ei terras de insula de Lewes in vicecomitat, de Inverness, super resignatione dict. quond. Roderici sui patris, in libera baronia de Lewes, unit.

etc.' 14 February 1571. "He married a daughter of Donald MacDonald of Slate, by whom he had one son, "Roderick, his heir. "Torquil afterwards, upon his own resignation, got another charter under the great seal, 'Torquilo Macleod de Lewes et haeredibus suis, terrarum baron. de Lewes, de Assynt, de Coigach, Waterness, etc. etc.' dated the 10th of August 1596. "He was succeeded by his son." [According to Matheson, Roderick is Torquil's brother Malcolm's son.] !BIOGRAPHY: BURKE'S LANDED GENTRY, Eighteenth Edition, Vol. II, London, Burke's Peerage Limited, 1969, pp. 416-417.

!BIOGRAPHY: John Burke, Esq., HISTORY OF THE COMMONERS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, Vol. IV, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977, pp. 584-592. Torquil, succeeded his father about 1495, as eighth Baron of Lewis. He married the Lady Catherine Campbell, sister of Colin, first Earl of Argyle. He was appointed heritable baillie of Troterness, which was confirmed to him by a charter, under the great seal, dated Kilkinan, in Kintyre, 28th June, 1498; but this charter was rendered null, by a general revocation in 1499, and Troterness was let by the commissioners of the crown, to Ranald Bane Allanson, of Moydert. Donald Dubh, whose claims to his inheritance, on the death of his grandfather, John, Earl of Ross, and Lord of the Isles, were disputed by the government, found in Torquil a faithful and powerful friend. Indeed, he was too much so for his own interest, for in the year 1506, being charged under penalty of high treason, to deliver up the person of Donald Dubh, and having refused to comply, he was formally denounced a rebel, and all his estates forfeited. The estates continued in possession of the crown until 1511, when they were restored to one of the old family, in the person of Malcolm.

!SOURCE: Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS: THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section IV, "The MacLeods of Lewis", Edinburgh, Associated Clan MacLeod Societies, 1974, p. 4. Torquil, the eldest son by the second marriage, succeeded his father. He warmly espoused the cause of Donald Dubh of the Isles. No sooner had Donald Dubh escaped from his imprisonment in Inishconnel Castle on Loch Awe then he made his way to the island of Lewis, and Torquil became his staunch supporter in the bid to re-establish the Lordship of the Isles. He encouraged the West Highland Chiefs to rally round the unfortunate Donald Dubh. Matters were so serious that the King in person had to lead an expedition to the Isles. While most chiefs submitted before this overwhelming force, Torquil IX of Lewis failed to do so. As a result, he was denounced as a rebel. A strong expedition in 1506 led by the Earl of Huntly invaded Lewis, stormed the Castle of Stornoway and subdued the island. Torquil disappeared; we do not know what happened to him. His lands were forfeited in 1506. Torquil IX of Lewis married Catherine Campbell, daughter of Colin, 1st Earl of Argyle, without issue. He married as his second wife, a daughter of John Cathanach MacDonald of Islay, and the Glens, who was indeed the widow of Donald Gallach MacDonald, 3rd of Sleat, with issue, a son, John. This John, alias John MacTorquil, like his father was excluded from the succession in Lewis in 1506 and 1511. The estate and title came into the hands of his uncle Malcolm in the latter year. On the death of Malcolm X, however, John MacTorquil appears to have recovered possession of his patrimony, which he held until his death in 1532 despite the forfeiture. He was married with issue, a daughter, who married Donald Gorm V of Sleat.

!SOURCE: Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS: THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section IV, Revised Edition, "The MacLeods of Lewis", Edinburgh, Associated Clan MacLeod Societies, 1990, p. 5. After Torquil and Alexander MacLeod of Dunvegan had paid homage to King James, Torquil received a charter for his lands dated at Kilkerran 28th June 1498, [RMS (II) n. 2424.] but within a year the king revoked all charters and so precipitated new insurrections in support of the Islay family. Donald Dubh, son of Angus Og (murdered at Inverness in 1487), escaped from confinement and took refuge in Lewis in 1501. Torquil, summoned to surrender him, refused to do so and supported Donald Dubh in the insurrection he was fomenting. In 1505/6 Torquil was solemnly forfeited. [The Acts of the Parliament of Scotland (II) p. 264.] The Earl of Huntly moved against him, beseiged and took Stornoway Castle. Donald Dubh escaped, but nothing is known of the fate of Torquil. Torquil married (1) Catherine, daughter of Colin, 1st Earl of Argyll, without issue. [MGC (IV) p. 4.] His second wife was daughter to John Cathanach of Islay and the Glens, the widow of Donald Gallach of Sleat, with issue. [Ibid.]

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