Norman The_Red_Man MACLEOD (XXII Chief)

Father: Norman MACLEOD
Mother: Anne FRASER

Family 1: Janet MACDONALD
  1. John MACLEOD
  2. Ann MACLEOD
  3. Emilia MACLEOD
Family 2: Anne MARTIN
  1. Elizabeth MACLEOD
  2. Ann MACLEOD
  3. Rich Mary MACLEOD
Family 3: [Unknown]
  1. Capt. Norman 'Cyprus' MACLEOD
  2. Capt. Alexander MACLEOD

                                                                         _Sir_Roderick Ruairidh_Mor MACLEOD _
                                              _John Iain Mor MACLEOD ___|_Isabel MACDONALD __________________
                   _John Iain_Breac MACLEOD _|
                  |                          |                           _Kenneth MACKENZIE _________________
                  |                          |_Hon. Sibylla MACKENZIE __|_Isabel OGILVIE ____________________
 _Norman MACLEOD _|
|                 |                                                      ____________________________________
|                 |                           _Sir_James Mor MACDONALD _|____________________________________
|                 |_Florence MACDONALD ______|
|                                            |                           _John Iain Mor MACLEOD _____________
|                                            |_Mary MACLEOD ____________|_Hon. Sibylla MACKENZIE ____________
|--Norman The_Red_Man MACLEOD 
|                                                                        _Hugh FRASER _______________________
|                                             _Hugh FRASER _____________|_Anne LEVEN ________________________
|                  _Hugh FRASER _____________|
|                 |                          |                           _Sir_John MACKENZIE ________________
|                 |                          |_Anne MACKENZIE __________|_Margaret ERSKINE __________________
|_Anne FRASER ____|
                  |                                                      ____________________________________
                  |                           _John MURRAY _____________|____________________________________
                  |_Lady_Amelia MURRAY ______|
                                             |                           ____________________________________



!SOURCE: Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, Bart., THE BARONAGE OF SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, 1798, p. 379. Norman MacLeod, now of that ilk, who succeded him, and was infeft in whole lands of the family, as heir to his father and grandfather, in November 1731 and May 1732. He married, 1st, Janet, daughter of Sir Donald MacDonald second baronet of Slate, by whom he had one son, John, his apprent heir, -- and one daughter, Emilia, married to captain Gustavus Moore of Saltston in the kingdomof Ireland. He married, 2ndly, Anne, daughter of William Martin of Inchfure, Esq; by whom he hath three daughters, 1. Elisabeth, married to colonel James Pringle younger of Stitchill. 2. Anne. 3. Rich.-Mary.

!SOURCE: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon, and Alick Morrison, MACLEOD CHIEFS OF HARRIS AND DUNVEGAN, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1969, pp. 28ff. Alick Morrison, THE CHIEFS OF CLAN MACLEOD, East Kilbride, Scotland, 1986. Norman was born on 29th July 1705, according to the PERTH PAROCHIAL REGISTER, and was about a year old when his brother, John, died. When John MacLeod of Contullich was at John's funeral at Perth, he was present at Norman's baptism. [Contullich's accounts in Muniment Room, Dunvegan Castle.] His mother married as her second husband, Peter Fotheringham of Powrie, with issue, and, as her third husband, John, 2nd Earl of Cromartie, with issue also. Young Norman was thus brought up at Powrie, and afterwards at Castle Leod, near Strathpeffer, Ross-shire. In December 1724, when he was about seven months short of his twentieth birthday, he married, as his first wife, Janet, daughter of Sir Donald MacDonald, 4th Baronet of Sleat, who was six years older than he was. [Strangely enough, Janet is not given in the list of Sir Donald MacDonald's children in CLAN DONALD (III, p. 474). She was the youngest daughter of Sir Donald and his wife, Margaret (not Mary, as stated in CLAN DONALD), daughter of Donald MacDonald, 1st of Castleton, Sleat, and widow of John Og MacKinnon of MacKinnon, who died on the night of 16th November 1680 on which his only son was born, afterwards John Dubh, Chief of the MacKinnons. Janet, Norman's wife, and John Dubh MacKinnon of MacKinnon were half-sister and brother.] Instead of taking his wife to Dunvegan Castle, he very foolishly brought her to Castle Leod to live with her mother-in-law and several Fotheringham and MacKenzie sisters-in-law. There began the unhappiness, which culminated in a separation between Norman and Janet in 1733. They remained apart for seven years, but, in 1740, through the good offices of Duncan Forbes of Culloden, a reconciliation was effected, and Janet came back to her husband. She continue to live with him until her death, which, according to the SCOTS MAGAZINE, took place in April 1743. There is a tradition that Norman brought about her death by putting her in the dungeon of the Castle and leaving her to there to starve, but it is difficult to believe that such a thing ever happened. Probably the tradition is a garbled version of a rumour, which was current in Skye in 1733, and to which Sir Alexander MacDonald of Sleat, writing to MacLeod on 27th June of that year, refers -- Janet was kept by MacLeod as a prisoner in Dunvegan. [Sir Alexander MacDonald's letter is preserved in the Muniment Room at Dunvegan.] Five years after his wife's death, Norman married (marr. contr., [Muniment Room, Dunvegan] dated 4th October 1748) Ann, daughter of William Martin of Inchfure, Ross-shire. Canon Roderick MacLeod writes that Ann was 'of quite humble origin', and that Norman took a 'fancy' to her because she was a 'pretty girl'. [Revised and enlarged edition of Canon MacLeod's THE MACLEODS OF DUNVEGAN (MS.), Muniment Room, Dunvegan.] Her portrait, which hangs on the wall of the dining-room in Dunvegan Castle, depicts her as a woman of beauty, but it is not correct to say she was 'of quite humble origin'. She and her husband seem to have lived happily together. Her death took place in November 1802. Norman was for the greater part of his life an absentee chief, but in spite of the fact that he was seldom at Dunvegan, he was beloved by his clansmen. At first he lived in rented houses in the south, and then purchased an estate -- Whitehouse -- outside Edinburgh, but when, towards the end of his life, he became financially embarrassed, he sold Whitehouse and bought a house, called Park House, situated outside St. Andrews. He died, according to the SCOTS MAGAZINE, at Strathtyrum House, St. Andrews, on 21st July 1772, and was buried in the kirkyard of the Cathedral of St. Andrews, where the handsome monument, erected to his memory by his wife, may still be seen. By his first wife, Janet MacDonald, Norman MacLeod had issue, a son and two daughters.

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