Roderick Ruairidh_Og MACLEOD (XIX Chief)

Father: John Iain_Breac MACLEOD
Mother: Florence MACDONALD

Family 1: Lady Isabella MACKENZIE
  1. Anne MACLEOD

                                                                                            _Tormod [Norman] MACLEOD ___________
                                                       _Sir_Roderick Ruairidh_Mor MACLEOD _|_Giles Julia MACLEAN _______________
                            _John Iain Mor MACLEOD ___|
                           |                          |                                     _Donald MACDONALD __________________
                           |                          |_Isabel MACDONALD __________________|_Margaret MACDONALD ________________
 _John Iain_Breac MACLEOD _|
|                          |                                                                _Sir Colin MACKENZIE _______________
|                          |                           _Kenneth MACKENZIE _________________|_Barbara GRANT _____________________
|                          |_Hon. Sibylla MACKENZIE __|
|                                                     |                                     _Gilbert OGILVIE ___________________
|                                                     |_Isabel OGILVIE ____________________|____________________________________
|--Roderick Ruairidh_Og MACLEOD 
|                                                                                           ____________________________________
|                                                      ____________________________________|____________________________________
|                           _Sir_James Mor MACDONALD _|
|                          |                          |                                     ____________________________________
|                          |                          |____________________________________|____________________________________
|_Florence MACDONALD ______|
                           |                                                                _Sir_Roderick Ruairidh_Mor MACLEOD _
                           |                           _John Iain Mor MACLEOD _____________|_Isabel MACDONALD __________________
                           |_Mary MACLEOD ____________|
                                                      |                                     _Kenneth MACKENZIE _________________
                                                      |_Hon. Sibylla MACKENZIE ____________|_Isabel OGILVIE ____________________



!BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon, and Alick Morrison, MACLEOD CHIEFS OF HARRIS AND DUNVEGAN, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1969, p. 27. Alick Morrison, THE CHIEFS OF CLAN MACLEOD, East Kilbride, Scotland, 1986. Roderick, usually spoken of as Ruaraidh Og by his contemporaries, was educated at the University of Edinburgh, where he was when his father died. From childhood he was delicate, and as a youth developed consumption. The damp climate of Skye did not suit him, and he made his home at Fortrose on the east coast, where the climate was drier and more bracing than at Dunvegan. A sick man, during his short tenure of the chiefship, he was compelled to give the management of Dunvegan over to people, who, if the bards correctly report matters, abandoned the Gaelic traditional mode of life, and transformed the old Castle into a 'fashionable English establishment'. Martin, [Author of A DESCRIPTION OF THE WESTERN ISLANDS OF SCOTLAND (1703).] who was his tutor, speaks highly of Roderick and writes that he was the 'kindest friend I had on earth'. [THE CLAN MACLEOD MAGAZINE, 1950, No. 15, p. 472.] Roderick married (marr. contr., dated 8th February 1694) lady Isabella, daughter of Kenneth, 3rd Earl of Seaforth, with issue, an only daughter, Anne, who married Donald MacLeod of the MacLeods of Berneray, with issue. Martin martin, who attended Roderick in his last illness, states in a letter [THE CLAN MACLEOD MAGAZINE, 1950, No. 15, p. 472.] to John MacKenzie of Delvine that 'a consumption brought him low as a skeleton of Guhilk he died the 24 Instant (24th June)'. He was buried, on 11th July 1699, at Fortrose, and was laid in the grave of his great-grandfather, Sir Roderick Mor MacLeod, who died in 1626. He was succeeded by his brother.

!MARRIAGE: George Crawfurd, Esq., THE PEERAGE OF SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, 1716, p. 438.

!MARRIAGE: Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, Baronet, THE PEERAGE OF SCOTLAND, Vol. II, Edinburgh, 1813, p. 483.

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