Donald MACLEOD (I of Drynoch)

Father: Alexander MACLEOD
Mother: Margaret MACKINNON

Family 1:
  1. John MACLEOD

                                                                       _John of_the_fair_hair MACLEOD ______
                                                 _Alexander MACLEOD __|_Shiela or_Florence MACDONALD _______
                       _Norman MACLEOD _________|
                      |                         |                      _Torquil MORRISON ___________________
                      |                         |_Marsaline MORRISON _|_____________________________________
 _Alexander MACLEOD __|
|                     |                                                _Donald Gruamach MACDONALD __________
|                     |                          _James MACDONALD ____|_____________________________________
|                     |_Catherine MACDONALD ____|
|                                               |                      _Alexander Alisdair_Crotach MACLEOD _
|                                               |_[Daughter] MACLEOD _|_[youngest_dau] CAMERON _____________
|--Donald MACLEOD 
|                                                                      _____________________________________
|                                                _____________________|_____________________________________
|                      _Sir_Lauchlan MACKINNON _|
|                     |                         |                      _____________________________________
|                     |                         |_____________________|_____________________________________
|_Margaret MACKINNON _|
                      |                                                _____________________________________
                      |                          _____________________|_____________________________________
                                                |                      _____________________________________



!SOURCE: THE MACLEODS OF ARNISDALE, compiled by Rev. Donald MacKinnon, Portree, Skye, Scotland, 1929, reprinted by The Clan MacLeod Society USA, Migration Project Publications Series, Number 1, 1984, pp. 9, 10. Donald ... was the progenitor of the MacLeods of Drynoch.

!SOURCE: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon, THE MACLEODS: THE GENEALOGY OF CLAN, Section III, "Cadet Families", Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1970, p. 129. The MacLeod family of Drynoch was descended from Donald Glas (DOMHNALL GLAS, Donlad the Pale), third son of Alexander MacLeod, 1st of the MacLeods of Liosail, who was a younger son of Norman MacLeod, 4th of the family of Waternish. [See ante The MacLeods of Waternish.] Of Donald Glas, the progenitor of this family we know nothing. MacLeod writers and others claim that he was a cousin of Sir Roderick More MacLeod of Dunvegan, and that he was in command of the MacLeods at the battle of Carinish, North Uist, in 1601. Probably this claim is based on a a passage in the GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE EARLDOM OF SUTHERLAND [(1913), p. 244.], in which Sir Robert Gordon states that Sir Roderick Mor MacLeod sent his cousin, Donald Glas MacLeod, at the head of a band of MacLeods to lift a CREACH in North Uist. According, however, to the tradition of North Uist [CLAN DONALD, III, pp. 40-5.], the leader of the MacLeods was MAC DHOMHNUILL GHLAIS (Donald Glas' son), a grandson of Alasdair Crotach, 8th of Dunvegan. The MacLeod leader could not have been Donald Glas of Drynoch, who was born much later than Sir Roderick Mor of Dunvegan, and was only very distantly related to him. It is not known when Donald Glas died. He was married, and had issue, a son, John, described as IAIN MAC DHOMHNUILL GHLAIS. [NOTE: For a chart showing the relationship between Donald Glas of Drynoch and Sir Roderick Mor of Dunvegan, see page 129 of this source.]

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