Sir_Reginald MACLEOD (XXVII Chief)

Father: Norman MACLEOD
Mother: Hon. Louisa Barbara ST._JOHN

Family 1: Lady_Agnes Mary Cecilia NORTHCOTE
  1. Dame Flora MACLEOD
  2. Olive Susan Miranda MACLEOD

                                                                                                _John MACLEOD __
                                                                  _Norman The_General MACLEOD _|_Emilia BRODIE _
                                 _John Norman MACLEOD ___________|
                                |                                |                              ________________
                                |                                |_____________________________|________________
 _Norman MACLEOD _______________|
|                               |                                                               ________________
|                               |                                 _John STEVENSON _____________|________________
|                               |_Anne STEPHENSON _______________|
|                                                                |                              ________________
|                                                                |_____________________________|________________
|--Sir_Reginald MACLEOD 
|                                                                                               ________________
|                                                                 _____________________________|________________
|                                _St._Andrew 13th Lord ST._JOHN _|
|                               |                                |                              ________________
|                               |                                |_____________________________|________________
|_Hon. Louisa Barbara ST._JOHN _|
                                |                                                               ________________
                                |                                 _____________________________|________________
                                                                 |                              ________________



!MENTION: Alick Morrison, THE CHIEFS OF CLAN MACLEOD, East Kilbride, Scotland, 1986.

!BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS--THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section II, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, ND, pp. iii-xxii. Reginald was born on 1 February 1847 in the Castle at Dunvegan, where he died 88 years later. He was educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. After holding appointments as Inspector of Factories and Conservative Agent for Scotland, he unsuccessfully contested his native county of Inverness-shire in 1885. In 1889 he became Queen's Remembrancer for Scotland and in 1900 he was appointed Registrar General and in that capacity was responsible for the 1901 Census. Two years later he was made Under Secretary of State for Scotland and in 1905, he was honoured with a Knighthood (K.C.B.) during the premiership of Lord Rosebery, having had a few years previously the honour of C.B. conferred on him. These honours came to him in recognition of his public services. In 1910, he again contested Inverness-shire for the Conservative Party but, as in 1885, he was unsuccessful. Having retired from public service, he devoted his time to various projects in the world of commerce. On his brother's death in 1929, Sir Reginald became Chief of the Clan and made his home at Dunvegan, where for the rest of his life he spent himself in serving the interests, not only of his Clansmen, but also of the people of the whole Highland area. He matriculated Arms at the Lyon Court in Edinburgh, as heir of Norman MacLeod, his great-great-great-grandfather, who had matriculated Arms on 12th January 1753. Sir Reginald married in 1877 Lady Agnes Mary Cecilia Northcote (1848-1921), elder daughter of Sir Henry Stafford Northcote, Bart., 1st Earl of Iddesleight, with issue. Sir Reginald died on 20th August 1935 and was succeeded by his eldest daughter.

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