Norman Magnus MACLEOD (XXVI Chief)

Father: Norman MACLEOD
Mother: Hon. Louisa Barbara ST._JOHN

Family 1: Emily Carolina ISHAM
  1. Emily Pauline MACLEOD
  2. Margaret Louisa MACLEOD

                                                                                                _John MACLEOD __
                                                                  _Norman The_General MACLEOD _|_Emilia BRODIE _
                                 _John Norman MACLEOD ___________|
                                |                                |                              ________________
                                |                                |_____________________________|________________
 _Norman MACLEOD _______________|
|                               |                                                               ________________
|                               |                                 _John STEVENSON _____________|________________
|                               |_Anne STEPHENSON _______________|
|                                                                |                              ________________
|                                                                |_____________________________|________________
|--Norman Magnus MACLEOD 
|                                                                                               ________________
|                                                                 _____________________________|________________
|                                _St._Andrew 13th Lord ST._JOHN _|
|                               |                                |                              ________________
|                               |                                |_____________________________|________________
|_Hon. Louisa Barbara ST._JOHN _|
                                |                                                               ________________
                                |                                 _____________________________|________________
                                                                 |                              ________________



!MENTION: Alick Morrison, THE CHIEFS OF CLAN MACLEOD, East Kilbride, Scotland, 1986.

!BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS--THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section II, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, ND, pp. iii-xxii. Norman Magnus was born on 27th July 1839 and was educated at Harrow. Adopting the Army as a career, he obtained a Commission in the 74th Highlanders in 1858 and joined his Regiment in India. He served as aide de camp to General Sir Hope Grant, Commander in Chief in the Presidency of Madras from 1862 to 1865. Retiring from the Army as Captain in 1872, he went to Natal where he held various appointments and at this time made a trip into the interior of Africa, in the course of which he paid a visit to the Victoria Falls and took part in big game hunting, trophies of which adorn the Hall at Dunvegan Castle. On the outbreak of the Zulu War in 1878, he was appointed Political Agent on the Transvaal border and, in the following year, accepted the command of the Zulu Army, numbering 8,000 men, and so distinguished himself in that post that he was awarded the Zulu War Medal and the honour of the C.M.G. Norman Magnus returned home in 1880. On his accession to the Chiefship, he interested himself in the economic welfare of his own Clansmen and of the people of the Highlands and Islands, co-operating with the Government in the settlement of the people on the land. In 1920 he sold, with the consent of the heirs of entail, 60,000 acres of land to the Government for this purpose. As a Chief and Laird, Norman Magnus was greatly beloved. He married on 27th April 1881 Emily Caroline (b. 1857, d. 1943) second daughter of Sir Charles Isham, 10th Baronet of Lamport Hall, Northampton, with issue. Norman Magnus MacLeod, the 26th Chief, died on 5th November 1929 and was succeeded by his brother.

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