Donald MACLEOD (VI of Talisker)

Father: Magnus MACLEOD
Mother: Margaret Isabella MACDONALD

Family 1: Catherine MACLEAN
  1. Magnus MACLEOD
  2. Alexander MACLEOD
  3. John Norman MACLEOD
  4. Hugh Lawrence MACLEOD
  5. Donald James MACLEOD
  6. Hector Allan MACLEOD
  7. Roderick MacLean MACLEOD
  8. Catherine Cameron MACLEOD
  9. Johana Isabella MACLEOD
  10. Janet Georgina Hobart MACLEOD
  11. Margaret Sibella MACLEOD
  12. Marion Christina Loyd MACLEOD
  13. Janetta Maria MACLEOD

                                                                          _Sir_Roderick MACLEOD _
                                                     _John MACLEOD ______|_Mary MACKINNON _______
                                _Donald MACLEOD ____|
                               |                    |                     _Alexander MACLEOD ____
                               |                    |_Janet MACLEOD _____|_Mary MACQUEEN ________
 _Magnus MACLEOD ______________|
|                              |                                          _Sir Norman MACLEOD ___
|                              |                     _John MACLEOD ______|_Margaret MACKENZIE ___
|                              |_Christina MACLEOD _|
|                                                   |                     _Kenneth MACKENZIE ____
|                                                   |_Isabel MACKENZIE __|_Janet ROSS ___________
|--Donald MACLEOD 
|                                                                         _Donald MACDONALD _____
|                                                    _Donald MACDONALD __|_______________________
|                               _John MACDONALD ____|
|                              |                    |                     _William MACLEOD ______
|                              |                    |_Isobel MACLEOD ____|_Margaret MACLEOD _____
|_Margaret Isabella MACDONALD _|
                               |                                          _Kenneth MACLEOD ______
                               |                     _Donald MACLEOD ____|_Isabel MACRAE ________
                               |_Margaret MACLEOD __|
                                                    |                     _William MACLEOD ______
                                                    |_Christina MACLEOD _|_Margaret MACLEOD _____



!BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS--THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section II, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1968, pp. 10-11, 17. Donald MacLeod, as a young man, took up the 'profession of arms', and was commissioned Lieutenant, on 20th August 1794, in the 71st Highland Regiment. He became Major, on 24th September 1808, in the 3rd Regiment of Inverness-shire Local Militia, receiving his commission from Sir James Grant of Grant, Baronet, Lord Lieutenant of Inverness-shire. Major MacLeod, in 1820, sold the remainder of his lease of Talisker, and left for Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) on the ship SKELTON, which sailed from Skye in June or July 1820. On arrival in Van Diemen's Land, on 30th November 1820, he received a grant of 2,000 acres of land, and was allotted seven servants. He named his property 'Talisker', in memory of the home he had left in Skye, which his family had occupied for two hudnred years. Later, in 1837, he crossed over to Sydney, New South Wales, where some of his sons had settled, and there he died on 11th April 1838. Major Donald MacLeod married, on 25th April 1806, Catherine, daughter of Alexander (alasdair Ruadh) MacLean, 14th of the MacLeans of Coll, with issue. As already stated, Major Donald MacLeod died, on 11th April 1838, in Sydney. His widow, at an advanced age, paid a visit to the 'old country', where she remained for a few years, and then returned to Australia, where she died, on 22nd February 1863, in Victoria. Major MacLeod was succeeded in the representation of the MacLeods of Talisker by his eldest son.

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