John Iain Ciar MACLEOD (IV Chief)

Father: Malcolm Gillecaluim MACLEOD

Family 1: ? O'NEIL
  1. Malcolm MACLEOD
  2. William Cleireach MACLEOD
  3. ? MACLEOD
  4. ? MACLEOD

                                                                                              _Ollaghair Olaf_or_Olaus Odhar GODREDSON _
                                                                _Leod OLAFSON _______________|_Christina ROSS __________________________
                                _Tormod [Norman] MACLEOD ______|
                               |                               |                              _Armuin MACRAILD _________________________
                               |                               |_Heiress_of Armuin MACRAILD _|__________________________________________
 _Malcolm Gillecaluim MACLEOD _|
|                              |                                                              __________________________________________
|                              |                                _____________________________|__________________________________________
|                              |_Fingula [or_Flora] MACCROTAN _|
|                                                              |                              __________________________________________
|                                                              |_____________________________|__________________________________________
|--John Iain Ciar MACLEOD 
|                                                                                             __________________________________________
|                                                               _____________________________|__________________________________________
|                               _______________________________|
|                              |                               |                              __________________________________________
|                              |                               |_____________________________|__________________________________________
                               |                                                              __________________________________________
                               |                                _____________________________|__________________________________________
                                                               |                              __________________________________________



!BIOGRAPHY: Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, Baronet, THE BARONAGE OF SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, 1798, p. 375. IX. William Macleod fourth baron of that ilk, Herries, &c. who lived in the reign of king Robert II, had issue two sons and one daughter. 1. Malcolm, who died before his father, unmarried. 2. William, who became his father's heir. His daughter was married to Lauchlan Maclean of Dowart, and had issue. John died in the beginning of the reign of king Robert III, and was succeeded by his son, William Macleod.

!BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon, MACLEOD CHIEFS OF HARRIS AND DUNVEGAN, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1969, p. 11. Alick Morrison, THE CHIEFS OF CLAN MACLEOD, East Kilbride, Scotland, 1986. According to the BANNATYNE MANUSCRIPT, this MacLeod Chief was a 'most tyrannical and blood-thirsty despot, equally feared by all his vassals and by the members of his own family'. He married an Irish lady of the name of O'Neil, who, it would appear, was as cruel and vindictive as her husband. By her, John had issue.... About the year 1392, Chief John went to Harris to be present at a deer hunt, and was accompanied by the chief men of his clan. After the hunt was over, the Chief returned to Rodel to embark for Dunvegan. When in the act of lifting his foot to step into his galley, his side was pierced by an arrow fired at him from the height above the shore. His followers carried him to the nearby Monastery, where he died that same evening. His body was taken to Iona and buried there. He was succeeded by his surviving son.

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