Alexander Alisdair_Crotach MACLEOD (VIII Chief)

Father: William Dubh MACLEOD
Mother: [Daughter] MACLAINE

Family 1: [youngest_dau] CAMERON
  1. William MACLEOD
  2. Donald MACLEOD
  3. Tormod [Norman] MACLEOD
  4. Margaret MACLEOD
  5. [Daughter] MACLEOD

                                                                                _John Iain Ciar MACLEOD _
                                                   _William Cleireach MACLEOD _|_? O'NEIL _______________
                         _John Iain_Borb MACLEOD _|
                        |                         |                             _John MACLEAN ___________
                        |                         |_ MACLEAN __________________|_________________________
 _William Dubh MACLEOD _|
|                       |                                                       _Earl_of DOUGLAS ________
|                       |                          _ DOUGLAS __________________|_________________________
|                       |_Margaret DOUGLAS _______|
|                                                 |                             _________________________
|                                                 |____________________________|_________________________
|--Alexander Alisdair_Crotach MACLEOD 
|                                                                               _________________________
|                                                  ____________________________|_________________________
|                        _John MACLAINE __________|
|                       |                         |                             _________________________
|                       |                         |____________________________|_________________________
|_[Daughter] MACLAINE __|
                        |                                                       _________________________
                        |                          ____________________________|_________________________
                                                  |                             _________________________



!BIOGRAPHY: Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, Baronet, THE BARONAGE OF SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, 1798, pp. 376, 377. XII. Alexander Macleod of that ilk, and Herries, well known by the appellation of Crottach or Humpback. He got a charter under the great seal from king James IV, Dilecto et fideli nostro Alexandro Macleod, filio ad haeredi quondam Willielmi, Johannis Macleod soun de Dunvegan, terrarum de Ardmannach in herage de Lewes, et cum omnibus minutis insulis ad dictum Ardmannach pertinen, terrarum de Dunynys, terrarum de Megynis, terrarum de Brakadale, terrae de Lindall, terrarum de Trotterness, cum officio balivatus totarum et integrarum praedict, terrarum de Trotterness in Skye, que fuerunt qound, Willielmi Macleod haereditarie, &c. &c. &c. Which lands held of the Earls of Ross and lords of the isles before their forfeiture, but afterwards of the crownward, for holding in readiness one ship of 26 oars, and two of 16 for the king's service, when required, reserving also to the king, and his successors, the airies of nests of falcons within the said bounds, &c. The charter is dated 15th of June 1498. He afterwards got a charter from king James V. Alexandro Macleod de Dunvegan, terrarum baroniae de Glenelg, cum molendinis, &c. &c. in Inverness-shire, dated 13th of February 1539. He married a daughter of Alan Cameron of Lochyell, by whom he had three sons and two daughters. 1. William. 2. Donald. 3. Tormod. All of them were successively barons of Macleod. 1st daughter, ______, was married, 1st, to James Macdonald, second son of Donald fourth baron of Slate, and by him was mother to John Oge, progenitor of the Macdonalds of Kingsburrow: She married, 2dly, Alan Maclain, captain of the clan Ranald, to whom she had a son, Alan Oge, &c. her husband's bad usage of her was the cause of the feuds that long subsisted between the Macleods and the clan Ranalds, &c. She married, 3dly, ______ Macdonald of Keppoch, to whom she also had issue. His 2d daughter, ____, was married to Hector Maclean of Lochbuy, and had issue. This Alexander repaired the monastery of Bowadale in Herries, died in an advanced age, in the reign of queen Mary, was buried in the church of that monastery; and, in the arms upon his tomb, which are still to be seen, is a lymphad or galley, the ancient armorial bearing of his predecessors. He was succeeded by his eldest son, William Macleod.

!BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon, MACLEOD CHIEFS OF HARRIS AND DUNVEGAN, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1969, pp. 14-15. Alick Morrison, THE CHIEFS OF CLAN MACLEOD, East Kilbride, Scotland, 1986. He was known as ALASDAIR CROTACH (Alexander the Humpbacked). On one occasion, during his father's absence in Harris, Alexander was called upon suddenly to lead the clan against a body of Clanranald MacDonalds who had landed in Skye to lay waste the MacLeod country. In the course of the fighting, a son of Clanranald by a stroke of his battleaxe wounded young Alexander in the back. The latter, however, gripped his assailant, drew him to the ground, and killed him with his dirk. He cut off young Clanranald's head, which he carried away as a 'trophy of his prowess'. The author of the BANNATYNE MANUSCRIPT says that Alexander never recovered from his wound. The muscles of his back were severed, and he 'stooped ever after, from which he got the appellation of Crotach or humpbacked'. In spite of this physical disability, Alasdair Crotach was a man of great strength, force and activity in peace and war. He built one of the towers of Dunvegan Castle, and repaired the old Cathedral of St. Clement at Rodel in Harris, in which he erected a magnificent tomb for himself. When he was no longer young, he married the youngest daughter of Allan Cameron, 12th of Lochiel, with issue.... Alasdair Crotach died in 1547, and was buried in the tomb, which he had prepared for himself in the Cathedral of Rodel, being the first MacLeod Chief interred outside Iona. He was succeeded in the chiefship by his eldest son.

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