Murdoch Murchadh MACLEOD (I of Lewis)

Father: Tormod [Norman] MACLEOD
Mother: Fingula [or_Flora] MACCROTAN

Family 1: [Daughter] NICOLSON
  1. Torquil Og MACLEOD
  2. Christina MACLEOD

                                                                                                          _Ochraidh Godred_II The_Black OLAFSON _
                                                               _Ollaghair Olaf_or_Olaus Odhar GODREDSON _|_Phingola (Fionghuala) MACLOCHLAN _____
                                 _Leod OLAFSON _______________|
                                |                             |                                           _Farquhar EARL_OF_ROSS ________________
                                |                             |_Christina ROSS __________________________|_______________________________________
 _Tormod [Norman] MACLEOD ______|
|                               |                                                                         _______________________________________
|                               |                              _Armuin MACRAILD _________________________|_______________________________________
|                               |_Heiress_of Armuin MACRAILD _|
|                                                             |                                           _______________________________________
|                                                             |__________________________________________|_______________________________________
|--Murdoch Murchadh MACLEOD 
|                                                                                                         _______________________________________
|                                                              __________________________________________|_______________________________________
|                                _____________________________|
|                               |                             |                                           _______________________________________
|                               |                             |__________________________________________|_______________________________________
|_Fingula [or_Flora] MACCROTAN _|
                                |                                                                         _______________________________________
                                |                              __________________________________________|_______________________________________
                                                              |                                           _______________________________________



!SOURCE: William Matheson, "The MacLeods of Lewis," TRANSACTIONS OF THE GAELIC SOCIETY OF INVERNESS, Vol. LI (1978-1980), Inverness, Scotland, 1981, p. 320-337. As already indicated, he must have been the MacLeod who married the daughter of Nicolson of Lewis. He had issue.

!SOURCE: Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS: THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section IV, Revised Edition, "The MacLeods of Lewis", Edinburgh, Associated Clan MacLeod Societies, 1990, pp. 1, 2. According to the written sources (largely in Old Norse, but also in Latin and Scots) as well as local traditions, the Long Island was subject to Norse rule from the beginning of the ninth century until the Treaty of Perth of 1266 when the territory was ceded to the King of the Scots. The main families were predominantly of Norse origin, judging by their names: the MacAulays around Uig in the West of Lewis; the Morrisons around Port of Ness in the North; the Nicolsons on the east side from the Eye Peninsula to Seaforth, but also in Gairloch and Assynt on the mainland of Scotland across the Minch. The Macleods do not appear in Lewis until the end of the 13th century, at the earliest. In his paper "The Macleods of Lewis", [Matheson, TGSI (LI) pp. 320-337.] [William] Matheson argues on the basis of the conventional of first or given names within family groups that the progenitor of the MacLeods - the Siol Torcaill - was a Torquil who was so named because his father, a MacLeod of Harris, married the heiress of the Nicolson clan, in which the name Torquil was traditional, and in due course succeeded to, or acquired, all the Nicolson holdings in Lewis and Assynt. Working from a Gaelic genealogy on the MacLeods of Lewis, now in the Royal Irish Academy, [Ibid., p. 324.] Matheson suggests that Torquil was the son of one Murdoch MacLeod who might have been the son of Norman (Tormod), the son of the eponymous, Leod.

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